Eclipse - Simple Eclipse Predictor


Eclipse is a small program to display the principal characteristics of solar and lunar eclipses. It is a DOS program, run from the command line.

Distribution and Installation

Eclipse is freeware. It may be downloaded from this site for an individual's personal use, but may not be used or distributed commercially without prior written arrangements with the author (see below). If you decide to keep Eclipse, I would appreciate it if you would send me e-mail with any comments or observations you may have. I will not release your e-mail address to anyone.

To download a copy of Eclipse, click here: eclipsei.exe (175 KB) and run eclipsei.exe to install it into a directory of your choice. Once installed, run the program eclipse.exe - the documentation is eclipse.htm.


Eclipse software: Copyright © 1988-1999, Stephen Bryant. All Rights Reserved.

Contact information

For additional information, contact the author:

Stephen Bryant
1130 Dairy Lane
Blue Bell, PA 19422


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