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SkyMap Screen (13 KB)SkyMap shows a map of the night sky as it would appear from a given place and time. It is intended to show the stars and planets that are visible to the naked eye, and how they move through time. In addition, SkyMap can show the positions of asteroids and comets, including newly-discovered ones, as well as many deep-sky objects such as galaxies, star clusters and nebulae.

Full documentation is provided, as well as a set of data files for fixed objects and sample data files for comets and asteroids. Some people have used these data files to track their progress through Astronomical League observing programs such as the Messier Objects or the Herschel 400 list.

Included is a separate display of the solar system that displays the nine planets, asteroids and comets. This screen can be viewed in 3-D mode using bi-colored glasses.

One special feature of SkyMap is its ability to advance steadily through time, either at fixed intervals, such as 15 minutes, or in real time.

System Requirements

SkyMap can run on a very modest computer. It is a DOS program that runs in MS-DOS or any version of Windows, and uses very little memory or disk space. Any IBM-compatible computer purchased within the last decade will be sufficient.

Distribution and Installation

This version of SkyMap (2.36) is freeware. It may be downloaded from this site for an individual's personal use, but may not be used or distributed commercially without prior written arrangements with the author (see below). If you decide to keep SkyMap, you are asked to simply to send me e-mail with any comments or observations you may have. I will not release your e-mail address to anyone, but I would like to know what you thought of SkyMap, and will inform you when new versions are released.

Earlier versions of SkyMap (1988-1997) were sold to individual users. Anyone who purchased one of these copies of SkyMap may, of course, upgrade to this version without charge.

To download a copy of SkyMap, click here: skymapi.exe (296 KB) and run skymapi.exe to install it into a directory of your choice. Once installed, run the program skymap.exe - the documentation is skymapdc.htm.


SkyMap software: Copyright © 1988-1998, Stephen Bryant. All Rights Reserved.

Contact information

For additional information, contact the author:

Stephen Bryant
1130 Dairy Lane
Blue Bell, PA 19422


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